Our Services:

  • We provide manufacturing and installation of high quality wall padding for impact protection.
  • Custom column and corner pieces.
  • Custom graphics.
  • Stage padding.
  • Time-out rooms.
  • Class A fire retardant pads.
  • We also refurbish existing pads. We offer a wide range of colors to fit YOUR needs.
  • Standard pads are 2′ x 6′ x 2 1/2″ BUT we make CUSTOM pads in a wide range of sizes from application on walls, straight or trapezoidal steel beams, stage fronts and more.


  • WALL PAD BACKING: We use 7/16” OSB (oriented strand board). We also offer the choice of plywood in place of OSB upon
  • FOAM: The standard thickness in 2” with 90 ILD (indentation load deflection) density virgin polyurethane. We offer flame retardant polyurethane foam, as well as higher density polyethylene foam.
  • FIRE RESISTANT VINYL: Nylon reinforced 14oz. fabric with leather-like emboss pattern. It is mold and mildew resistant and conforms to the requirements of ASTM E84-O3B which is the highest rated (Class A) available in accordance with the NFPA 101 life safety code. We also offer an 18oz fire resistant vinyl upon request.
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